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The Restaurant

Maurice Bonhomme
executive chef
Born in Petit Goave, Haiti, into a family of French Créole decent, Bonhomme grew up in a multi-cultural environment surrounded by exotic Caribbean cuisine. To pursue a culinary career, Bonhomme moved to Montreal, Canada. He worked his way up the ladder from a French trattoria, to the elite kitchen of Chez Louis. In 1973, Bonhomme moved to Chicago and worked as a sous chef for several great kitchens including Ciel Bleu. He joined Pane Caldo in 1991 as executive chef. Bonhomme enjoys the freedom of creating new dishes, blending contemporary Northern Italian fare with a heavy French influence.

David Same
executive pastry chef
As the pastry chef for Pane Caldo, Samé creates all of the restaurant’s luscious desserts. Samé was born in the French Polynesian Islands of Guadeloupe and raised in Paris. Samé trained in the true French tradition. He graduated from the world famous school of chocolate and sugars, Le Nôtre, in Paris while working at Le Fouquet’s located on the Champs-Elysées. He received his Masters degree in Pastry from the Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris. Prior to Pane Caldo, Samé apprenticed at the upscale French establishment Le Delice then he became the pastry chef at the elegant Parisian restaurant, Maxim’s. Samé’s dessert creations have been pleasing Pane Caldo guests since 1991.

Richard Mikhail
wine director
Given the complexity of Pane Caldo’s cuisine, which features traditional sauces as well as those made from exotic herbs and flowers, Mikhail is duly challenged. Add that to the 1,200 plus bottles of wine on the comprehensive wine list, and guests might do well in seeking out this sommelier’s advice. The list features fine Italian and French wines with an abundant selection of champagne and eclectic and exclusive, wines-by-the-glass. Mikhail has been working in the restaurant industry for nearly two decades. He joined the Pane Caldo team in 1997.